Painting with Palette Knife

For those who want to learn more about working with a palette knife I am running my March two day workshop "Painting - Discovering Working with a Palette Knife" A studio based two day course you will experiment working with acrylic and waterbased oils. Be prepared for having fun and getting immersed with colour, tools and materials.

Although nature, beauty and the sublime has been a a focus of my work for many years now I have relatively only recently been working en plein air. On an expedition down to the Penwith peninsula I took time out to paint at Newlyn School of art. It was there that I discovered painting en plein air for me is an emotional and intense sensory experience.

We were lucky enough to work with inspirational and prolific Cornish artist landscape painter Neil Pinkett who predominantly works with palette knife. Neil accompanied by his dog Beavis took us to the magical and rugged Cape Cornwall on a very hot breezy summers day we set up camp. Neil painted along side us. It was a life changing day.

Working on board, paper, with limited colours, turps, rags and palette knives. It became clear that I was enjoying working with this tool. I like the immediacy, capturing and feeling the rhythm and energy of the landscape. Finding your gesture through palette knife is exciting. You have to feel it like a dancer on a page. I like that you have to be clear on your choices of mark and the colours you juxtapose. I enjoyed working fast capturing the moment and what it contains. I like that sometimes the work sits between figuration and abstraction. Working amongst the elements helps the creative flow, capturing the flickering every change light, the dynamic ocean. You almost have to stop being precious for wind, rain, sand and sun will shape your work in some way. No time for your mind to wander you are immersed.

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